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=== Basic ===
-Name: Tsu-maru Annaii (Self Created Name)
-Nicknames: Tsu (Everyone)
--Tsu-Marill (Lurella)
-Alias: Suzie Addison (As a Human)
-Race: Fairy
-Age: 1,000+ (Ageless, 14 in appearance)
-Date of Birth: November 9
-Height: 4'8"
-Weight: 79.lbs
-Wingspan: 6 Ft.
-Shoe Size: 6
-Writing Hand: Both
-Belly Button: Innie
-Orientation: Demisexual
-Position: Dominant
--In-Home Cosmetologist/Masseuse
--Website Manager and "Seamstress" of linens and clothing.

=== Physical information ===
--Color: Light
--Texture: Creamy
--Color: Forest Green
--Color: Light Mahogany Chestnut
--Length: Rear-length (Longer when falling)
--Style: Braided rings circle each of her long, bushy pigtails. Two long bangs typically drape over each shoulder.
--Somewhat Chubby
--Elongated ears, extending one and a half inches longer than those of a human.
--A single pair of dragonfly-like wings.
---Cherry-like designs decorate the outer-muddle areas of each wing.
--Perfectly smooth hands and feet, lacking prints.

=== Family ===
-Sakura Annaii (Mother)

-Aria Annaii (Surrogate Aunt)
-Pyana Apimana (Adopted Cousin)

-Max (Father)
-Iris (Older Sister)
-Bellis (Older Sister)
--Amborella (Niece)
-Haru (Younger Brother)

-Azalea Alvera (Niece?)

=== Attire ===

= Standard =
-Soft Lavender T-shirt.
-Elastic Purple Overalls.
-Pink, Girls' Underwear, Decorated With Ladybug Images.
-Pink Socks
-Purple Sneakers.

= Mom Uniform =
-Lavender Kerchief
-Lavender Dress
-Purple Apron
-Always Barefoot

= Spring =
-Purple Headband
-Pink Lei
-Lavender Midriff Wrap
-Lavender Ankle-length Skirt
-Purple Sandals

= Summer =
-Blue Denim Overalls
-Dark Blue Flip Flops

= Autumn =
-Black Sunglasses
-Purple Midriff Top
-Lavender Blazer
-Purple Jeans
-Lavender Socks
-Purple Sneakers with Gold Laces

= Winter =
-Red and White Earmuffs
-Red Long-sleeve T-Shirt
-Red and White Winter Coat
Red and White Sweatpants
Red Stirrup Socks

=== Elemental Affinities ===

-Light (Primary)

=== Personality ===

-Tsu-maru is very energetic, cheerful and outgoing.
--Though as of becoming a mother she has mellowed out considerably.
-Tsu-maru was for quite a while in denial of being an adult, but has since accepted it.
-She is a bit tsundere for her mother. She loves her, but can get frustrated with the older woman's clingy nature.
-She is prone to jealousy in regards to her friends, especially if her closest friend has a stronger bond with someone else.

=== Tsu Loves... ===
-You! (Her friends and family)
-Fuzzy Animals
-Plush Toys
-Sunflower Seeds
-Shoes (Is said to own over 30 pairs)
-Having her hair played with/brushed.
-Flowers, especially receiving them as gifts.
-Making puns.
-Making bad puns.
-Outdated pop music
-Making Confectionery
-Morning Yoga Exercises
-French Fries drenched in ketchup
-Jelly Cookies

=== Dislikes ===
-Rock/Metal Music (Guitars especially)
-Waffles (She doesn't think she likes waaaaaffles~)

=== Favorites ===
-Foods: Candy, French Fries, Pancakes.
-Drink: Strawberry Milk.
-Candies: Too Many to List.
-Color: Purple.
-Animals: Ladybugs, Rabbits, Cows, Ferrets.
-Season: Spring.
-Fruit Flavors: Strawberry.
-Flower: Pink Rose.
-Lotion Scent: Strawberry, Lavender.
-Flavor of Ice Cream: Strawberry.
-Media Type: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy.
-Pokemon: Ledyba.
-Music: Classical Orchestra.
-Song: Stop (Spice Girls)
-Video Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf.
-Design Emblem: Four Leaf Clover, Ladybug.
-Word: Kerfuffle. (cannot hear/read it without laughing)
-Places To Be Touched: Hair, Feet.

=== Least Favs ===
-Foods: Vegetables.
-Candies: Chocolates.
-Animal: Dragonfly.
-Season: Winter.
-Lotion Scent: Coconut.
-Flavor of Ice Cream: Chocolate.
-Media Type: Horror, Fairy Tales.
-Music: Rock, Metal, Anything Loud/Screaming.
-Places To Be Touched: Center of Back, Ears.

=== Talents ===
-Karate (white belt)

=== Symbol ===

The symbol commonly worn on Tsu-maru's overalls at first seems to be a mere iron on design for the purpose of expressing her own creativity. Human eyes cannot see it, but the symbol appears glowing on her bare flesh as well, right on her chest. It is actually a birthmark of sorts, labeling her as a very unique Fairy, born with an exceedingly high amount of wind magic. The symbol itself represents wind, and although Tsu-maru has never met any, it is likely that other variations based on other elements exist.

== Abilities ==

-Tsu-maru's unique digestive tract allows her to eat any food, even candy and junk foods, without concern of nutrition or side effects such as acne, sugar rushes or brain freeze. In other words, as long as it can be eaten, she can survive off of it. She will still require liquid nourishment but the same rules apply.
-Tsu-maru's skin has a magical resistance around it. She can go barefoot wherever she pleases, without tracking any dirt.
-She is also immune to extreme temperatures, allowing to lay naked in blizzard conditions and remain unaffected.
-Tsu-maru is immune to any and all of the common human illnesses. Illnesses of her own kind, have yet to be confirmed.
-Tsu-maru's eyes (as well as those of her kind) can interpret far more shades of light and darkness than human eyes care
capable of, allowing her species to communicate with one another through flashes of light.

=== Powers ===

=== Fairy Flight ===
A standard for Fairies, is the ability to fly. Her full flight speed is Thirty miles an hour.

=== Candy Maker === (Element: Light)
As obvious as it sounds, Tsu-maru can convert non-living objects, into items of sugary delight, a handy ability for
surviving in nature.

-Any object that isn't of reasonable size to a possible candy, cannot be converted. (Cereal boxes, pants)
-Candy power compatibility: Handcuff/chain links, thin ropes.
-Incompatibility: Cuffs/shackles (sans chain/links) Metallic cables, magic energy restraints, Chinese Finger trap.

=== Enchanted Floating ===
Despite having wings, they are not needed for floating, as Tsu-maru can remain at least three feet above the ground, indefinitely. She can also gain three feet over anything she is standing under. The fastest she can move, while hovering is at a decent jogging speed. This ability also allows her to drift in whatever direction she is pushed or thrown, even if straight in the air, and allows her to fall slowly for at least eight feet.

=== Wind Barrier === (Element: Wind)
Tsu-maru has no fighting skills, but can defend herself with a mildly strong barrier of swirling wind. a mild/weak punch or kick will catch onto the wind, and flow Tsu-maru out of attack, much like if she were an object underwater. Only a strong punch, from a martial artist, or a weapon such as a sword or bullet, can penetrate the barrier, but she can also be cornered or pushed around while encased in the barrier. Clinging to another person will allow her to create the barrier around him or her as well.

=== Magical Ribbon Stream === (Element: Light)
Tsu-maru has the ability to spawn streams of thin, satin ribbons, from an energy that emits within her fingers. These
ribbons can be generated from anywhere from one to all ten fingers, and will fire outward in the direction her fingers
point. The ribbons can be tied around something, by tracing a path with her fingers, before releasing them. Successfully tied knots, blossom into flowery bows.

Ribbon Wrap -
Having improved her abilities over the years, Tsu-maru can now cast a constricting stream of energy from her fingertips. This glow ensnares her target as desired, before solidifying into a secure cocoon of satin ribbons.

=== Purity Pulse === (Element: Light)
A standard healing power for those of the Fairy Race. Tsu-maru can relieve minor ailments, cuts, headaches, bruises.
Burns and larger wounds, drain Tsu-maru's energy, and if a large enough wound is healed, Tsu-maru will be forced to sleep for anywhere from one to twelve hours. This power can not be used to heal a person who's affinity is darkness, instead, that person will suffer a painful burning sensation, enough to ward them off, if they were a potential threat.

=== Adult Form ===
Tsu-maru is able to take on the appearance of an adult Fairy, from height to her facial features, she would appear as an
eighteen year old human, with long ears and wings. This form will have no affect on her powers, they neither increase,
nor decrease. Her intellect will advance to that of adult Fairies.

While in adult form, Tsu-maru's height reaches 5'4", has a shoe size of 8, and bears a B cup sized chest.

=== Child Form ===
In the same respect as the Adult Form, Tsu-maru can revert to child form, the form of a seven year old. Unlike the Age
Advancement. Tsu-maru's powers remain unchanged during this, while her intellect declines to match her age.

=== Sensation Wave === (Element: Light)
Tsu-maru has the ability to manipulate the body's sensations, a target, or her own. A touch from glowing fingers, allows Tsu-maru to fill the affected area with one among a list of sensations. The intensity of the sensations will require concentration and practice. Since it manipulates the body's nerves, and creates the sensation regardless of required contact, even someone who isn't normally affected by such things, will feel the effects as any other person would.

=== Key Sensations ===
Warmth, Sooth, Tickle, Itch.

=== Trivia ===
-Tsu-maru is the proud owner of a magical Volkswagen Beetle. Her car is painted to look like a ladybug.

-Tsu-maru is an excellent flutist, as well as an amateur tennis player.

-Tsu-maru gave her mother her human name during a picnic under the cherry blossoms in Japan.

-She also crafted her own name after a trip to China, explaining the erroneous use of the - in her name.

-Under the name and human form of "Suzie Addison" Tsu-maru is an accomplished gymnast, who turned down the chance to compete in the Olympics.

-Her feet are very dexterous, able to lift and move and even throw objects up to her hands with great care. This ability comes from the era prior to nudity becoming taboo, where she would find it easier to use her toes for various things, than to bend down to use her hands.

-It is considered a rite of passage for her people to learn archery.

-Tsu-maru's symbolic flower is the Pink Rose, which represents happiness.
Tsu-maru Annaii © :iconrlinksoul:
Tsu-maru Artwork © :iconchaztheweasel:
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The-Irish-Clover Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
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RLinksoul Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Well, both light and wind are her primaries. It's more like she's a light fairy as a species, and wind is her main element.

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PascalOfPiers Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Oh XD. Well, makes sense.

What, did Suzie go dark in your rps at one point?
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Of course this version of her never had herself reborn as a human. She just lives among them, disguised as one.
PascalOfPiers Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Well, I like alternate realities XD. I hope the story continues one day too XD. There is so much you can do with it! And nah, I am not surprised she is a mom, though I am surprised she is not a lezzie mom with Mihao and with an adopted kid XD.

Suzie went dark? <: C As in, WORSE than her breaking at the hands of Lila at one point?
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